Meet Our Crew

Our Crew

Capt. Jake Collette

Levante’s professional captain and crew can offer you a customised charter to suit your requirements. Our team have local knowledge of the region and many years experience navigating the Great Barrier Reef ensuring your time on board is unique and memorable.


Jake is a qualified Master 5 skipper and MED 2. Jake was born and raised in Cairns, he has a wealth of experience in the marine industry and was operating fishing charters out of Port Douglas, prior to joining our team. Jake captains LEVANTE and MINKE interchangeably.

Having spent time in Papua New Guinea in recent years, driving game boats during the tournament season, he is truly passionate about the sport. Our guests enjoy Jake’s pleasant and easy-going demeanour and he always goes the extra mile to ensure a positive on-board experience.

In his own time, Jake enjoys barramundi fishing from his trailer boat, as well as wakeboarding, spearfishing and freediving. He loves sharing his experiences with guests and simply being out on the water.


Hailing from Cairns, North QLD, Ryan is your go-to man for local knowledge and advice whilst travelling through the area. He loves being outdoors, hiking, spear fishing, exploring the Daintree waterholes and of course being offshore. Ryan has been with our fleet for many years, primarily acting as deckhand on board our 35M superyacht BELUGA, he recently moved over to the decks of our gameboats to get amongst the action.

Ryan enjoys being in the water and showing guests the variety of marine life on offer in the Great Barrier Reef as well as baiting your hooks in anticipation for the next big catch.

About Levante Fishing Charters

Whether trolling with lures or bottom fishing, using light or heavy fishing tackle, or pursuing the giant Black Marlin the super fish of the Pacific, Levante charters can offer some of the best fishing in Australia and an adventure you will never forget!

Besides the action and excitement of being pulled out of your chair by a giant Black Marlin, sport fishing around the reef provides the opportunity of fishing for highly prized fish such as Coral Trout and Red Emperor, Giant Trevally, Spanish Mackerel and Tuna.

Perhaps you’re looking for a more leisurely day out on the water? We can offer leisurely half day trips to the Low Isles to explore the inner reefs and snorkel off the beach or a family day out enjoying a gourmet lunch on board whilst soaking up the Australian sun. Enquire now to see what we can do for you.